Bob and Sam

Sam is an human-like animatronic head that can
move and talk with fluidity similar to that of a human.

Bob is a life-sized animatronic with arms and hands
that mimic a human’s range of motion.


TREW Special Effects Main Animatronic


Bob is a masculine and advanced upper body figurine. His main use is in special effects applications. This robot is built with an upper body torso that can present ideas through motion in the arms and hands. Bob’s face and mouth creates an interactive show that can bring your exhibit to life!

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Sam stands for Socially Autonomous Mechatronic. Her fluid motion and attention to detail gives her a vibrant and attractive attitude that makes her the ideal candidate for promoting theme parks, trade shows, museums, casinos, and educational venues. Sam’s amazing features include the unique ability to be customized to promote any product, service, or show through custom storytelling and animation.

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TREW Special Effects Feminine Animatronic

TREW Special Effects

Visual effects are often integral to a movie’s
story and appeal.

Special effects are traditionally divided into
the categories of optical effects and
mechanical effects.